Passion makes you dangerous.

- Maryse Lightwood


There are several petitions going to Save Shadowhunters and you can sign as many as you like, but we recommend you at least sign the biggest one and if you have the chance, share it on twitter, instagram, tumblr, facebook etc. 


Whenever Shadowhunters or any of the cast is nominated for any award, vote for them. Winning an award can bring the show and this campaign the attention it needs.


Currently fans are working hard on a #SaveShadowhunters campaign, but we thought it would be useful to channel some of our passion and frustration to raise awareness and also showcase the generosity of the Shadowhunters fandom. Let's show off the power of our fandom to do good. 

100% of this money is going directly to the Trevor Project charity. 


Girl Up, the United Nations Foundation’s organization dedicated to supporting the education, health, safety, and leadership of "the hardest to reach girls living in places where it's hardest to be a girl." All donations go to United Nations programs that support refugee girls in developing countries like Ethiopia and Uganda; indigenous girls in Guatemala; and other girls who want to go to continue their education in India, Liberia and Malawi. They are used to fund things like opportunities to go to school, see a doctor, and stay safe from violence. 


Fans of the critically acclaimed series have come together from all over the world to create this page in the hopes of raising enough funds to promote the effort to save Shadowhunters. All of the proceeds will immediately go directly towards that goal and help fund the campaign to influence all parties involved with the production and distribution of the series in the hopes of changing their minds and allowing Shadowhunters to continue to brighten the lives of fans around the globe.

(* = not charity, but to support the work of trying to save the show.)


To do this, you do need a IMDB account (but you can get one quickly and it is completely FREE) or you can use your Facebook, Amazon or Google account. A higher rating on IMDB brings attention to the show. Go to Shadowhunter's IMDB page and rate the show and ALL the episodes, 10/10.

Go to Shadowhunters IMDB page > Sign in (or sign up) > Rate the show 10/10 stars. 

Go to the episode guide > click on the first episode (S01 E01) > Rate the episode 10/10 stars > Click "Next" to go to the next episode and repeat. 


When you are logged into your Netflix account, look up Shadowhunters and find reviews. There you can write your own and rate the show.  Netflix also lets you request TV-shows and movies. Follow the link bellow and request Shadowhunters as many times as your heart desires. You don't have to have a Netflix account to do this.


There are several ways of contacting different networks asking them to pick up Shadowhunters. Keep in mind that you should ALWAYS be POLITE whenever you talk with someone. It is also important to remember that people who work in customer service will not have insight in what the different networks/streaming services are doing and planning so take what they say with a grain of salt.


* = We don't recommend contacting Netflix customer service, but instead request and rate the show. 


- The Trevor Project was suggested by Stevie, Steph, Anna (+anon)

- Rate the show on IMDB suggested in tweet (link). 

- Request show with Netflix and contact hulu suggested by Jen.

- Donate to the GoFoundMe suggested by Kathleen, Eddie, Lin, Cat (+anon)

- Rate/review Shadowhunters on Netflix suggested by Guillaume.

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