You've unlocked something in me.

- Magnus Bane 


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I was in deep depression when I heard that Shadowhunters was announced. As a fan of the books, I felt a spark of excitement that I hadn't felt in a long time. I felt like I had something to look forward to. And it did help me. Alec's storyline gave me hope that there was something I could do; fight for my own happiness. Now that I've come so far in creating the life I want, hearing about the cancellation broke my heart. I wont fall back into depression, but I want someone to know that this show saves lives, and it deserves more. The cast and crew deserve more. They worked so hard to create something that really does change lives. #SaveShadowhunters


When the show first started airing I was in a really bad place, I won't go into details but my life was hard and I was fighting every minute of every day against my own head giving me really dark thoughts. I liked the movie when it was released and I'd started reading the books but didn't like them enough to finish the series. Then I heard about the show, I watched the first episode full of hope, and yes it had flaws but many first seasons do too so I kept watching. Little by little I found myself looking forward to the show every week, it gave me something to look forward too when it felt like I had nothing to live for. I found friends, I went to the Milan convention and met the most wonderful people. I never thought I could have friends, and instead I found a group of people I enjoy hanging out with and that don't make me feel alone. I found a sexuality I feel confortable identifying with thanks to the show, it showed me women can be pretty and smart, I found role models I look up to. The show is my anchor and has been for years now, I know I shouldn't rely on it so much but it's just the way it is. I really don't know what I'll do without it, I can already feel myself slipping back into habits I thought I had left behind. I need more time with the show, please don't take it away from me. #SaveShadowhunters


I only started watching Shadowhunters when season 3 aired but I've grown to love it with all my heart. These characters are so special to me and all the people who watch it. I have never been this interested or invested in a show before, and it's been very heartbreaking to see it be cancelled... I love the cast a lot- they are such genuine and lovely people, and you can tell they really care about their characters, the show and the fans especially. I could not have asked for a better cast. Personally, this is the first time I've seen LGBTQ+ characters have a leading role and a fulfilling plot line.. most shows I've watched either give these characters the "gay best friend" cliched storyline or the "cheating bisexual" storyline and it was honestly so refreshing and really interesting to see these characters have a developed plot line and not be shoved to the side, used only when neccessary. My personal favourite couple is Malec, and it's beautiful to see such a healthy relationship, accepted by so many people. I never thought I'd root for a fictional couple as much as I do for Malec, hahah <3 I also love that 5/8 of the main cast are people of colour because I am too. It's the most representation I have personally seen. Overall, this show holds a very dear place in my heart, as I am sure it does for everybody else. I love the cast, I love the story, I love the characters.. I love this fandom, and I do not want to see it go. Shadowhunters deserves to be treated better than this and have an opportunity to keep telling its story. I sincerley hope this show gets saved, because this show has saved many of us.


I am chronically ill, and often will find myself bedridden. Shadowhunters is my safe place, my distraction from the pain and sickness. It also showed me that being asexual was perfectly normal through the character Raphel Santiago. I have honestly never been happier to finally see myself on screen! This show means the world to me. It’s my distraction, my escape and my representation in the media.


I have dyspraxia and I want shadowhunters to be saved because when we get a season 4 we will have autism representation through Ty Blackthorn. He was the first book character I EVER read about who had an ASD similar to mine and he will probably be the first TV character with a similar ASD.


I was in a good place when I started to watch the show. I wasn't confused about who I was and I never questioned who I liked. Or so I thought. And I didn't like it in the beginning, so I stopped, until something made give it another go. Call it fate or coincidence or intervention, I really don't know. But I formed a connection to it and I don't do that with TV shows. And I didn't even know I was doing it. This show makes me feel at home somehow and sometimes I think of how stupid it sounds. I mean I didn't even read YA and I wasn't that much into fantasy, but Shadowhunters is so much more. It shows bravery and acceptance and real people who are imperfect and make stupid mistakes and are a little broken sometimes and I realized I am a little broken at times too. And I found myself in that world, I found myself in Clary stubborn and well intention and kinda lost. In Simon, always there for other people and always wanting to be seen. I found myself in Jace, joking and bragging when I was actually breaking or in Izzy wanting to be the best no matter the cost. I found myself in Alec trying to be perfect, do everything people expect and don't disappoint anyone. I found myself mostly in Magnus seemed so happy and aloof and always there for everyone, but who never asked for others to be there in return. And I realized that I pretended to be well and happy for so long that I believed it myself. But this show thought me that everything I was feeling was valid and it gave hope, it gave me courage, it gave a safe place. Because of Shadowhunters I realized I was bi (I haven't said it or wrote it until now) and that in this fantasy world with demons and angels and downworlders I am home somehow. This show helps me when I am confused about who I am or when dark thoughts take over and I am so grateful for the amazing team behind it and for the amazing fandom who is one of the most loving and supportive families I know. This message is kind of long and probably a mess , but I hope it helps someone understand why people need this show so much. #SaveShadowhunters because it saved so many of us.


Shadowhunters is the culturally and sexually diverse sci-fi show that reflects the problems of society, and embraces the very real issues felt by people who are continuously marginalised. So many lives have benefited from having this show aired all across the world, it has shown representation and hope to those who fight to be themselves every single day.


Shadowhunters is a great show, it deals with a lot of different subjects that aren't just fantasy but happens in reality too , and many other shows just either ignore nor make fun of it . Like when Mia said she got used to cops pulling her out of her car for no other reason than that fact that she's black. Izzy seems to be perfect ,but in season 2 she turns into an addict because of how much everyone (especially her mother) expect her to be the best . Clary does everything to find her mother , Alec is gay and he didn't date anyone ever other than Magnus , he just came out to his family.


Representation and freedom to be ourselves, most importantly. For me different sexualities are represented and although mine is not, it gives me hope and it opens conversations. Also women in different kinds of positive positions and women standing up for themselves. In general it is just refreshing and it also encompasses a genre I enjoy, which gives me a chance to "escape" reality and just relax.


Before I found out about Shadowhunters I really can't accept myself. I hate myself more than anything because I'm different. After I watch the show I immediately fell in love with it bc it teach me to love myself and there's nothing wrong to be different. Now I can accept my sexuality bc from the characters I learn that you can be proud of yourself. You can be different and still be awesome. It shows that people can be accepting. I can relate to this show bc it represents me. That's why I love this show.


For a long time I didn’t have places I could escape to when the real world was too much, and Shadowhunters provides that place. To have that taken away is removing my happiness, and the Shadowfam that I have grown to love, despite never meeting anyone in person.


Shadowhunters is overcoming real life issues. Shadowhunters is companionship. Shadowhunters is bravery. Shadowhunters is comfort. Shadowhunters is escape. Shadowhunters is help. Shadowhunters is normality. Shadowhunters is acceptance. Shadowhunters is solace. Shadowhunters is safety. Shadowhunters is company. Shadowhunters is courage. Shadowhunters is encouraging. Shadowhunters is determination. Shadowhunters is freedom. Shadowhunters is home. Shadowhunters is life. Shadowhunters is our future where it's ok to be yourself and to be proud of it. Personally, for me Shadowhunters helps me get through my darkest times and come out the other side even stronger.


Alec Lightwood spent a good majority of his life hiding in fear of who he was, then finally came out and now lives his life freely loving another man. He is a gay man, in a position of power, and living his truth. And in him I see my late brother who ended his life shortly after coming out when he was 21. They have such similar personalities, a heart too big for the world and the innate need to protect and love. Watching Alec's story portrayed on screen was like watching the life my brother, and so many others couldn't have. It is undeniably important to be able to see that life really could get better, for the torn, afraid and hidden LGBT kid watching. We can't have that representation taken away. We need to see Alec's, and every other characters' story play out. For the abuse survivor, Maia shows us that it is possible to love and be loved again. For the mentally ill or substance abusers, Jace, Izzy, and so many others demonstrate strength beyond compare, and how their future burns so brightly. All of these characters' deserve to be heard. 


I love SH because of Alec and Magnus storyline and of course the other people in the show too... I got my brother hooked on SH to and he loved the Malec storyline too and because of the Malec storyline my brother picked up the courage to come out to me so that’s why I want to keep fighting for our beautiful show....


I got a knee injury in February 2017 and had to have an operation. That meant time at home on sick leave. To pass some of the time I opened up a Netflix account and began watching Shadowhunters. I am an avid reader of Fantasy books as well as male/male romance. This is why this show is perfect to me. To have a strong gay/bisexual couple is wonderful to witness. I kept my Netflix account because of this show. I don't think I want to pay for it without it. Here in Denmark I will be able to buy the episodes on blu-ray from Germany. I already own the first two seasons. Please Netflix. Pick up my favorite show and make it a true Netflix Original.


Shadowhunters is important to me because of Raphael Santiago. There are barely any Ace characters on TV. I’m Ace and from a catholic family of Mexican decent. Raphael is my hero because I see myself in him, and David Castro is a wonderful Raphael. If they leave it now his story ends with him as a villain. It’s not fair or cannon. They need to give Raphael the heroic story he deserves.


Shadowhunters is a Wonderful show With a wonderful cast and actors


I believe it should be saved because it helps people deal with issues such as being honest with yourself about who you are and knowing that its ok to be you , it helps people who are different see the beauty in their differences and that life would be boring and grey without it ,the show teaches that Men dont have to be toxic  with masculinity in order to be strong and that women don't  have to be weak always relying on men to slay we can kick butt and take names see the beauty in all our differences  


I had some problems accepting my body when I started to watch shadowhunters. I didn't like myself. Was a bad period for me and I didn't know what to do. My life was empty. My life was without stimules. I had low self-esteem. This show helped me so much. Izzy Lightwood,see her comfortable with her body helped me. Alec's courage gave courage to me. See Alec became head of the institute and do his job so well encourage me to fight for my dreams and my ambitions. For these reasons and more #saveshadowhunters


Shadowhunters is a show that gives so much love to eveeybody. It shows how to deal with issues everybody has in his or her life too. It tells so much about strength and friendship. That is the reason why it means so much to me. The show has given me the strength to show who i am and that is priceless


Shadowhunters has helped me through the passing of my father and my depression. Everyday I used to go home and lock myself in my room and block everyone off, but when Shadowhunters came to Freeform i thought 'maybe I could check it out' so I had watched it every single week and people started seeing a difference in my emotional state. Shadowhunters means the world to me and I can't explain how many times this show has put a smile on my face after a terrible day. I honestly don't know what would have happened if this show never existed, and I am so thankful that this show has found its way in my life. This is what Shadowhunters means to me and how much I want to save it. Especially Malec. Thank you.

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