Whatever you do, don't lose hope.

- Simon Lewis

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One of the greatest 'weapons' we have in our fight to save Shadowhunters is social media. News about the show, who to contact and what hashtags to use is changed often. To keep track of this as well as when the new power hour is, we recommend following some of the biggest fan accounts on twitter.

(ShumDario NewsBasic Shadowhunters Stuff and Bane & Lewis


The hashtags to use change depending on the day. The reason for this is that twitter will 'retire' a hashtag after a set amount of hours and there is hard to get new momentum behind it. The list of what hashtags to use is at the moment: (list brought to you by SDN, BSS and B&L).

The main hashtag is #SaveShadowhunters

Monday: #PickUpShadowhunters 
Tuesday: #ShadowhuntersChat 
Wednesday: #NotOurLastHunt
Thursday: #PickUpShadowhunters
Friday: #SaveTheShadowWorld
Saturday: #NotOurLastHunt 
Sunday: (SDN, BSS and B&L suggest rest) 

You can only use TWO hashtags in one tweet, if you use more than that, your tweet may be considered spam by twitter and your hashtags won't be counted. Avoid using other hashtags than the two stated.

IMPORTANT! Make sure you add some text, a gif, an image or a video in all of your tweets. If you only tweet the hashtags, your tweet is counted as spam and you will much quicker get Shadowbanned. 

Because several people have misspelled the hashtags, twitter is now suggesting a wide range of hashtags. Make sure that you use the hashtag #SaveShadowhunters and the hashtag of the day. Often, the typo is in 'shadowhunters' so check before you click any suggestions that it doesn't say 'shadwhunters', 'shadowunters' or 'shadowhunter' (without the s at the end.) A tips is to spell them correctly and then copy and save them, pasting them into your next tweet. 

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Like on twitter, use the hashtags #SaveShadowhunters and the hashtag of the day (or all of them). The use of hashtags on instagram isn't as effective as twitter but several sites that measure the popularity of an hashtag will also take instagram into account. 

Like on twitter, use the main hashtag (#SaveShadowhunters) as well as the daily hashtag on your posts, in your story and on comments you leave on other people's photos. 

You can also add the #SaveShadowhunters hashtag to your Instagram bio. 

There are no recommended amounts of hashtags to use on a post when it comes to Instagram, so you can add the #SaveShadowhunters hashtag to as many posts as you want without the worry of having to leave out other hashtags. 


These are just some suggestions. Please make sure you are POLITE when you leave comments on the images of any of these profiles (even FreeForm). We want to show off our BEST side when we get in touch with these companies, because we want and need them to help up #SaveShadowhunters. 

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Tumblr is a little different than twitter and Instagram. It is important to stay current on tumblr, but only using the tags alone isn't enough to do this. 


1. Use  'SaveShadowhunters' (no space) but also, 'Shadowhunters'. 

2. LIKE and REBLOG other posts that have used the tags and use them again when you reblog it.  


3. SEARCH for the hashtags on tumblr. Look up other people and profiles who use (at least) 'SaveShadowhunters' and 'Shadowhunters'. 

All of the things listed here are taken into account when the fandom and the show is 'ranked'. 

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Facebook is a good place to spread the message about the campaign to your friends and family, and something we highly recommend is to post links to the charity events that have been created in the name of this campaign or encurrage friends to take part (example: using the hashtags on twitter, tumblr or instagram or ranking the show on netflix or imdb | see: off social media


Again, these are just some suggestions. Whether you contact them by commenting on their posts, post posts of your own or send them private messages, remember to ALWAYS be POLITE (also with FreeForm). 

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